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Testimonials: Testimonials

After the high winds we had I noticed a shingle peeking over my eaves trough. I called Michael that morning and he stopped by the same day. I was very impressed with Michael’s honesty with me as I can barely see my roof and wouldn’t know what I was looking at even if I could unless there was a big bare spot. Only one shingle was missing and Michael repaired it the next day. There was a piece of trim that had come loose just under the eaves trough and Michael also repaired that at my request which I appreciate very much. I was very impressed with the service and especially Michael’s trustworthiness. I asked him to give me a quote as the roof is 14 years old and my neighbours are starting to get their roofs replaced. He could have told me I needed a new roof right away and I would not have known whether that was true or not. He was honest with me and told me it wasn’t that bad; that I could possibly get a year or two more out of it. I know what replacement costs are from previous experience as well as my neighbours recent replacements and his quote was very competitive. I will definitely call Michael back when it is time to replace my roof.

Janine - Vaughan, ONT

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